Thursday, February 24, 2005

Time to escape

On Friday I am booked to fly from Glasgow to Boston at 11:00am.

Normally I would get up early and drive, which takes around three hours.

I the light of the snow that had already fallen and the forecasted snow that was still to come, I tried to escape today

When I left I discovered some roads still closed with snow drifting from hedgerow to hedgerow.

I found a recently ploughed road and headed for the A66 which is one of the main east west routes across the Pennines.

I needed to get across to the west and pick up the M6 and M74 to Glasgow.

This road, as you can see from the photographs, was closed, so I turned round and went the long way round via Scotch Corner, Newcastle and Carlisle.

A three hour journey took 6 hours but at least I am now at the airport, in a hotel and ready for tomorrow’s flight.

And I got to take some pictures!

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