Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Shortest day

December 21st is a special day. In the Northern hemisphere it’s the shortest day and in the southern hemisphere it’s the longest day

To celebrate this unique day in a special way we have created a photographic record of the day.

On the BLOG we feature just 6 images but on the FreeFoto.com website you can view all 441 images

Everything from the first exposure at 07:55 this morning, half an hour before Sunrise (8:25 GMT) to the last frame taken 20 minutes after Sunset (15:41 GMT)

You get to see the best and the worst. The ones that work and the ones that don’t. You can explore how we use the light and the subject to create our images. You see what happens when we get it wrong. You also will see what we do when the sun goes in!

We hope you enjoy this special feature on The Shortest day.

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