Monday, September 06, 2004

Spiders Web 2

So how did I take the Spiders Web Photographs?

Well first of all I was walking with my eyes open and saw the web on my car. It was between the wing mirror on my car and the door frame which is not an ideal location. The problems where…

(1) It was raining and a little windy.

(2) The background was bright and confusing.

The rain I sorted with an Umbrella and the background was covered with some black underwear – my normal black cloth background was too big.

I then used my camera on a Tripod with a Macro lens to allow me to get in real close.

The light was very diffused and from above because of the rain

I was also able to use the black background to keep the sky out of the frame

Finally I had to be patient and wait till the wind to drop and for the web to stop moving.

15 minutes latter I had a set of images I was really happy with

Time 12:41pm Shutter 1/90 Aperture F4.8 Camera Kodak DCS Pro slr/n

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