Sunday, August 01, 2004

Wi Fi Problems & a Field of Lavender

Travelling in the United Kingdom and using wireless broadband is still very hit and miss.

Before you leave you need to research the hotspots on your route and make sure you’ve looked at a map to make locating them easy

Yesterday was great. I used McDonald’s in Lincoln in the afternoon and McDonald’s in Spalding in the evening

Today on the other hand has been a total failure. Problems with the low signal strength at McDonald’s in Wisbeech meant despite trying for 30 minutes I was unable to get on-line for more than a minute. All the manager could tell me was the equipment was in the office at the back of the store. This doesn’t strike me as a good spot when you want to cover the front of the store where the customers are.

The back up plan was to use a pub in Kings Lyn that was part of the Cloud network

By now it was 9:30 on Friday night and I discover the town was very lively. Bouncers were on the door of one Cloud Hotspot and the Police where talking to the Bouncers on the door of the other

Decided getting my Laptop out in that environment was not a good idea.

In the end I have given up

It’s a good job I took this picture of a field of Norfolk Lavender earlier in the day to help me relax.

Time 17:16pm Shutter 1/250 Aperture F8

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