Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain

Rain, Showers, Thunder, Lightening, Floods, Downpour, Wet, Cold, Grey,

But how did I manage to take a picture of the rain

Well as always its all about the light. You can’t see it but despite this being a very heavy shower there is still some diffused sunlight shining beyond the edge of the shower. This is lighting the rain as it falls.

Then by using a slow shutter speed I have captured the movement of the rain as it falls. The use of the tree as a dark background is also important. Plus I have manually focused on the rain and not the tree.

Finally an umbrella comes in handy.

Time 12:02pm Shutter 1/90 Aperture F9.5 Camera Kodak DCS Pro slr/n

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