Thursday, July 29, 2004

Golden Age of Steam

All through the Summer months steam trains are running on the National Rail Network between York and the seaside town of Scarbourgh.

The plan is for these trains to be hauled by the famous 4472 Flying Scotsman which has just been saved for the nation.

Having never visited the area before I used to identify possible locations to photograph the train.

The area around Kirkham Priory looked promising so I arrived with plenty of time to look around the area.

The signalman in the Grade 2 listed signal box confirmed the train was due at 12:30 but was being hauled today by standby locomotive Black 5 45407

I finally selected a point on the hillside overlooking the valley to photograph the passing of the train.

The addition of some grain and a sepia tone look gives the final image a feel that means the image could have been taken in the 40’s or 50’s.

Time 12:32pm Shutter 1/350 Aperture F6.7

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