Saturday, May 15, 2004

It’s all about the light!

As a spotty teenager at school my photography teacher at school, Mr Mallon, taught me many things.

Basic concepts and techniques where drilled into me whilst awakening within me a passion for photography.

One lesson I didn’t learn, which might have been because I wasn’t paying attention, is the one tip I give to anyone whoever asks me about photography

It’s all about the light!

The two images above, taken of Lichfield Cathedral, show what I mean

Image One – Time 07:36 Shutter 1/180 Aperture F5.0

Image Two – Time 08:04am Shutter 1/350 Aperture F6.9

The first image was taken whilst the sun was behind the clouds and a bank of grey cloud was covering the sky. The image has some colour but it is very washed out

Less then 30 minutes latter the cloud had burnt of and the sun had come out. The picture is totally different with blue sky and plenty of colour.

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